Witness the remarkable transformation of a complete bathroom remodel as we tackle design dilemmas and deliver stunning solutions. From outdated fixtures to limited storage, this project addresses every challenge with precision and creativity.

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Due to a lack of proper ventilation in the attic, a major remodeling project became necessary. Because moisture had been able to build up, damaging mold grew in the better half of the attic and in two bathrooms. After surveying the damage and determining the cause, Puget Construction and Landscape set about providing a solution.


Puget Construction and Landscape performed complete renovations of both bathrooms. To prevent the problem from occurring again, we also performed three additional tasks. One was replacing the insulation in the attic and the bathrooms. Another was installing new soffit vents and baffles outside to improve ventilation for the attic. Finally, we put up new gutters to ensure proper drainage and reduce the chance of water pooling up against siding or on the roof, which can lead to structural damage and leaks.


The homeowners were very happy with the repairs and renovations, and they were excited over having two completely remodeled bathrooms. In addition, they were relieved that Puget Construction and Landscape had not only repaired the damage but had also figured out what caused the problem in the first place and that we took steps to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. As always, PCL Whatcom put the comfort and security of its customers first and foremost. We’ve been a regionally trusted name in landscaping, interior and exterior construction, and seasonal services for residential and commercial properties for years now, and we look forward to keeping that record going strong.

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