About Puget Construction & Landscape


  • Serve our clients with high quality projects.
  • Serve our community by giving back to local charities.
  • Symphonize work with lifestyle by providing opportunity for our employees.
  • Secure our Future by getting 1% better everyday.
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To serve and satisfy our clients by providing the best concepts, solutions, and project execution. We prioritize our ongoing teamwork, and problem-solving attitudes as the foresight to perform exceptional services to our client base. Shared success is achieved through our practice of efficiency, safety, productivity, and profitability for the company. We must all share a measure of the responsibility and commitment that we shall be efficient, safe, productive, and profitable. It is our duty to honor each employee and to assist them to grow to their very best; to aid each employee in accomplishing life’s greatest goals and dreams. We all care about each individual that we interact with and hold each other accountable for the pursuit of greatness.

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  • We contribute to shared prosperity
  • We exemplify leadership
  • We are dedicated to teamwork
  • We raise the bar of proffesionalism in our industry
  • We encompass greatness
  • We means Family

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