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Transform your outdoor space with PCL's premier A to Z landscape design & construction services, featuring state-of-the-art 3D rendering and personalized consultations.

Outdoor Living Design

The first step to the landscape design process is an initial site visit and conversation. Your design will depend on your needs, preferences and tastes.


It's all about you - what do you like? What can't we miss in the landscape? Once these questions are answered, our expert designers make sure every detail of your project matches what's important to you!


Advanced Design Tools

Utilizing industry-leading landscape design software such as Rhino 6, CAD, Lumion, and ProLandscape, we create initial drafts that offer a glimpse into what your transformed space could look like. These tools help us ensure precision and creativity in every design.

Interactive Design Review

Once the first draft is ready, we present you with 3D rendered images and a bird's eye view of the proposed design. This stage allows you to visualize the transformation and suggest modifications as needed.

Detailed Design Proposals

landscape design proposal min

Lifelike 3D Rendering Previews

What's Included With A Landscape Design?

At Puget Construction & Landscape, we redefine the art of outdoor living in Whatcom County, delivering bespoke landscape designs that blend aesthetics with functionality. Specializing in high-end landscape projects, our approach ensures that every outdoor space we craft is not only beautiful but also a perfect fit for your lifestyle and surroundings.


All of our efforts combined create a one of a kind insight approach to better meet your goals. We use state of the art technology design programs like Rhino 6, CAD, Lumion, & ProLandscape. When your time aligns with ours, the adventures we create together are a true one of a kind experience.


Here at Puget Construction and Landscape, we are proud to offer full landscape design services to customers in the Bellingham, WA area. We specialize in delivering a full detailed plan of your landscape project, regardless of the size or scope of work. Before we start, we always take the time to meet with you and perform a thorough site visit to gain an in-depth understanding of your site and your landscape design goals.


Our team of knowledgeable, skilled professionals will advise you on your best approach to fit your unique needs as well as your budget. Fulfilling your landscaping dreams is our top priority.

landscape design bellingham site visit

Step 1 - Site Visit

Upon arrival at your desired project location, our team will start the assessment for the possibilities of your desired outcome. During this assessment we will conduct the following:

  • Measure placement of key elements related to your current landscape. 
  • Converse ideas that meet the desired criteria. 
  • Sketch desired ideas and concepts on graph paper.
  • Mark out the desired project with flags or paint if necessary.
  • Establish budget range 
  • Gather plot maps, Blueprints of home, Elevation

After the project desired has been discussed thoroughly, our team puts together the design agreement proposal that entails all of the information gathered on site.

Our landscape Design Process

landscape design bellingham


Every great design begins with understanding the unique aspects of your property. Our team conducts a detailed site visit to assess the potential of your outdoor space and discuss your vision and requirements. We use start of the art design software start to render the existing buildings and new landscape together in Real Time 3D to scale. 

landscape design meeting

Deliver Design & Plan

Once the first draft is complete. We submit a deliverable draft for the client to review in 3D Rendered photos format as well as birds eye view format. Once this process is complete, the client will have the ability to request changes to the design to make it fit their vision. During the revision process, the client will be able to consult with our Team on possibilities that fit the property, ideas as well as their budget. 

landscape design proposal & project start


When the design is completely finished and loved by the client. We begin the proposal process for costs associated with the Design. At this time, our team will complete a cost assessment associated with all the specific elements of the proposed design. We then complete a proposal that includes all labor and material to perform the work and deliver the completed project. 

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Most Common FAQs About Landscape Design

The design of your landscape can be a great investment – it adds value to the exterior and interior appearance of your home while also improving quality of life every day.

If you're looking for an expert in landscaping, we want to partner with you! We specialize in designing beautiful landscapes that will mature beautifully over time - removing all guesswork from plant selection and placement so they'll enjoy year-round beauty without maintenance or watering needs too much work on their behalf.

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