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Did you know that a beautiful lawn doesn’t just impress the neighbors but also adds to a home’s curb appeal, increasing its resale value?

If you’d like to have a yard like that, you should really consider going with a trusted pro like Puget Construction and Landscape (PCL). We’ll save you time, hassle, and, in the long run, probably money as well, and you’ll have the ease of mind that comes from knowing we’ll do it right.

Why Hire A Bellingham Lawn Care Service?

Before we talk about what we do and the packages we offer, we want to answer this question. After all, lawn care is pretty easy as a DIY project, right? All you really have to do is mow the grass on a regular basis, pull weeds when they pop up and spread new seeds when you see some thin spots. Why bother spending the extra money on a professional service?

Well, although a lot of people think that, it’s wrong. There’s a lot more to lawn care than that. Even if there weren’t, doing those things would demand a lot of your free time, and time is precious and something you can never have back.

In reality, lawn care is a science. Just as you wouldn’t want someone operating on you with online tutorials as a guide (What could go wrong?), you shouldn’t want anyone but a certified expert managing such an aesthetic and valuable asset as your lawn.

So here are several good reasons to hire a pro like PCL:

  • In spite of what you may think, going with a pro might save you money.

    Yes, hiring the services of a professional Bellingham lawn care company costs money. However, since a lawn-care company covers its overhead and other costs from the fees paid by all clients, it might not cost as much as you were expecting. The more clients a company has, the more it can spread costs and lower them on average, and that means for all customers no matter the size of their properties or their needs. Since maintaining a lawn requires more than just a lawnmower, you also save money by not having to buy all the necessary equipment and materials (which can get quite expensive). Finally, if you mess things up, which is easy to do, repairing mistakes and getting things right can get very costly.

  • Going with a pro will save you time.

    Have you ever heard someone complain about having too much free time? Neither have we! Proper lawn maintenance requires hours of work and care every week. How many people have the time for that, especially people working full-time and families with children in all kinds of activities? And what about time for yourself? When you do get some precious free time, wouldn’t you rather spend it doing something you love?

  • You get the benefit of experts.

    When you entrust PCL with your landscape maintenance caring for your yard is what we do, you get expert Bellingham lawn care from a licensed and insured provider. We’ll do it right, and we’ll also do it safely. Proper usage and disposal of chemicals and other products that can pose a threat to the health of both humans and the environment? We have that covered.

  • Curb appeal and resale values go up.

    If your home is for sale, a beautiful lawn is a strong selling point. But don’t take our word for it; the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has found that homes receiving professional lawn care have higher resale values at closing than do comparable homes not receiving it. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, a great lawn can still benefit you by adding value that helps when refinancing or applying for loans for home-improvement projects.

  • You might be happier.

    The NAR also has found that homeowners with nicely maintained lawns are happier on average. They’re also more likely to enjoy being home and spending time outside at home.

  • Relations with neighbors can be better.

    Neighbors are always worried about aesthetics and resale values. Sometimes tensions explode and things get really nasty. Your well-tended lawn can avoid all of that, and it might even inspire neighbors to take better care of their own Bellingham lawns.

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What our Clients Say.

" Jonah and his team are the best! They are very professional, friendly, hard workers, punctual, very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed doing business with them and getting to know them. We had a large wildlife/hog fence put in as well as a privacy fence and a patio. Jonah not only helped us design it and came up with ideas and solutions that worked for us, he and his team also came out on a weekend to assist another company with placing a shed on our new patio and he did it for free. He goes above and beyond! Now when we see them doing other work around the area, we yell out to them and wave because we feel we know them! "

Lisa C.

" We recently moved to Washington and our yard had a lot of unfulfilled potential. A bed that was full of overgrown trees and weeds was converted to an outdoor oasis, complete with a large patio, carefully selected plants and a water feature to please all the senses. Our deck was surrounded with giant hedges that completely blocked our beautiful view of Mt. Baker. Jonah’s team, who are some of the hardest workers I have ever seen, removed the hedges and installed deck rails, giving us the amazing view we moved here for. Jonah’s vision transformed our yard from “blah” to “sweet!” "

Kevin B.

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