The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful and lush greenery, and, quite contrarily, for its fairly heavy rains. This wet weather can be attractive to any homeowner maintaining a lawn or a garden, specifically because it is a natural and free method of watering your plants. This begs the question: are sprinkler systems still worth it if you live in the Pacific Northwest?

In order to shed some light on this matter, we have to go through the benefits of installing a sprinkler system in your lot:

A sprinkler system will cover for your non-rainy days.

Surely the amount of rainfall in Pacific Northwest areas such as Bellingham, WA, and Whatcom County may seem sufficient during seasons with high precipitation, however, these areas also experience droughts of a similar degree in the summer. Contrary to popular belief, the many inches of rainfall per year experienced by these areas are not spread across the whole year, causing rain to fall heavily for some months while leaving the rest quite dry. A sprinkler system will definitely cover for the days that are too hot to handle.

Setting up a sprinkler system saves you time.

The amount of effort it takes to water your plants is, of course, directly proportional to the size of your lawn or garden. Big or small, however, watering your plants is serious business-- and sometimes, it can take up too much time you should be using for something else. An automatic sprinkler system’s job is to keep your plants thoroughly watered-- while you reap the benefits of spending your time wisely elsewhere.

Your lawn and plants are watered properly.

Plants require a specific amount of water-- they cannot be underwatered or overwatered. Relying solely on rainfall can risk either outcome, which is why automated sprinkler systems can help you manage the water your plants absorb for the day.

Wilted plants cost money and effort to replace, so it’s best to take the proper measures in caring for them. Sprinkler systems are built to help you be in control of the amount of water you give your plants, and of the frequency that they are watered. These two factors also heavily determine the potential overwatering or underwatering of your plants, which is why keeping them in check is important. Of course, with sprinkler systems, you will not have to be on your toes about reminders and schedules all the time.

Your water bill is controlled.

Since the amount of water in an automatic sprinkler system is controlled, you know exactly how much water you spend-- in terms of volume and cash-- in contrast to manual sprinkler systems that have to rely on your memory and other factors.

Your property value increases.

If you are the type of homeowner who wants to invest in your property, sprinkler systems are perfect for you. They are guaranteed to keep your lawns lush and green, a huge plus to neighbors and buyers alike.

" ut everyone wants green grass, so adding a sprinkler system that automatically turns on and off is a good investment, says Ferstl, because it allows a buyer to keep a lawn looking good without much work. "


Sprinkler System Are Worth It Even In The Northwest

So are sprinkler systems still worth it if you live in the Whatcom County & The Pacific Northwest?

The answer is, simply: yes.

Whether you are a detail-oriented busybody or a homeowner with a green thumb, you will definitely want to keep your lawns and gardens in tip-top shape during the whole course of the year-- which is always easier said than done. Relying on nature to run its course, especially in the very rainy northwest, is a good idea in theory. But to guarantee the effortless good health and proper maintenance of your gardens, sprinkler systems are undoubtedly the key.

If you are planning to set up a sprinkler system in your lot, make sure to contact a professional. Puget Construction & Landscape can design and build a sprinkler system to keep your grass and garden healthy.

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