PCL Wins Best of the Northwest Award for Landscape Design

January 24, 2024
pcl wins best of northwest award for landscape design

What is the Best of the Northwest Award?

The Bellingham Alive Magazine has been holding its annual reader’s choice Best of the Northwest awards for 14 years. The popular lifestyle magazine has its readers vote for their favorites from over a hundred categories covering a wide range of businesses. Within each category, Bellingham Alive Magazine names a winner, as well as silver and bronze awards for second and third place.

Released at the end of 2023, the Best of the Northwest issue listed Puget Construction and Landscape as the top winner in the Landscape Design category. You can see us on page 68 of the issue. The award is a result of:

  • 31 days of voting
  • 127 categories
  • 381 winners
  • 72,809 submissions
  • 946,062 individual votes

We at PCL couldn’t be prouder and more honored to be one of this year’s winners!

What Makes Puget Construction and Landscape the Best?

Our results speak for themselves. But what makes Puget Construction and Landscape the best comes down to our mission, vision, and values, which include:


Fueled by a passion for gardens and landscapes, we always strive to meet the highest standards for each project. Our people have the drive and skill to execute the tasks necessary to meet the high expectations we have set for them, expectations that are often higher than those set by our clients. The pursuit of excellence is a consistent goal in everything that we do.

Customer Satisfaction

Puget Construction and Landscape puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, ensuring that every service provided is tailored to meet client requirements and exceed their expectations. We gain and keep our customer's trust by going above and beyond to make their dream project a reality. We believe that satisfied customers are loyal customers who return with more business for us.


The home and landscape industry is ever-evolving, with changing needs and requirements. Thus, Puget Construction and Landscape stays relevant and useful to our customers with the use of innovative solutions, creative designs, and cutting-edge technologies. We always try to adopt up-to-date techniques for all our projects, whether it be home renovation, landscape design, or snow removal. Keeping up with the times helps ensure that we provide the best possible options, and the best results, for our clients.  


Puget Construction and Landscape values professionalism in all aspects of our business, as shown in our respectful communication with clients and adherence to ethical business practices. We also show professionalism by hiring and training our team members to be the ideal representatives of our knowledgeable and service-oriented work values. We believe that professionalism fosters trust and respect, helping us form lasting relationships with our clients.

What the Best of the Northwest Award Means to Us

The Best of the Northwest Award means that Puget Construction and Landscape made lasting impressions on our clients. That they were satisfied with our service enough to send their submissions and vote for us. The positive feedback, glowing testimonials, and word-of-mouth popularity that our business is enjoying, and hopes to keep enjoying in the years to come, is a result of our commitment to upholding our core values. The best way to thank our clients for this recognition is to continue working to bring the same level of service to every project.

What to Expect from the Best in Landscape Design

The people have spoken and now, expect only the best from the Best in the Northwest. Puget Construction and Landscape is more than your average construction and landscaping company. We do not have a one-size-fits-all solution for every home and garden project. We learn from our clients and, from there, create the ideal solutions to their problems. The best projects are not the most expensive, elaborate, or modern ones but the best fit for your needs. 

Ready to trust Puget Construction and Landscape with your home and landscaping projects today? Get a quote for free here.

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