Spring landscaping projects

March 21, 2021
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By the time the cold of winter passes, people are itching to get outside. After a season of turning in, one of the best things you can do is create an outdoor space that beckons you out of doors.

The yard is actually an outdoor extension of your home, which means it deserves as much care and intention as the inside. As you prepare to leave the dark of winter behind you, consider taking on a spring landscaping project that will help you create an outdoor space that you love.

Spring Landscaping Considerations

Before you plan a landscaping project this spring, there are some things you will need to consider. The last thing you want to do is decide upon a project that you won’t be able to undertake for whatever reason. Instead of diving right into planning your project, take some time to think about these important aspects:


It’s important to figure out your budget before you plan any landscaping project. You’ll need to understand what you can afford in order to design your custom landscape. Consider factors such as the size and detail that you’re looking for, as well as whether you’ll be hiring a landscaper or going for DIY. Write out the desired details of your project, your projected costs, and the max amount you want to spend before you create your plan.

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Most desired features

Before you get started on your landscape plan, think about the types of features that you want in your outdoor living space. Make a list of what you desire the most, so that you can do your best to fit your wants into your budget. Consider what you want to be doing outside during your spring and into the summer, and choose some features that will help you.

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Future growth

When you are choosing plants to include in your landscape, don’t forget that they are going to grow. Plants that you purchase typically come with growth requirements, so you can make sure that anything you buy is going to fit in your space when it reaches maturity.

future growth



Another important consideration is future maintenance. Any landscaping that you do is going to require regular care and maintenance, including weeding and watering. Before you begin your landscaping project, ensure you’re going to be able to provide the proper care to keep your yard in great shape.

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Top Spring Landscaping Projects

Now that you’ve figured out some of the basic details of your spring landscaping, it’s time to find a project that meets your needs. Here are some of the top spring landscaping ideas to inspire your creative juices:


Add mulch

Mulch is an easy and affordable way to add some nice variation to your yard with a bit of texture and a pop of color. Mulch comes in a number of colors, allowing you to choose your color contrasts. Dark roast, cedar-toned, black, and red are all typical colors of mulch that can add the change you’re looking for this spring.

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Plant a tree

Planting a tree is a great way to add something new to your spring landscape. Even just adding one single tree creates a big change to your yard. Trees provide value to your yard, especially as they mature. They are fairly low maintenance and there are numerous options to choose from. Pay attention to your local climate, as well as the colors and textures you want your yard to have, when you are deciding on the right tree for your landscaping project.

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Plant seedlings

Planting seedlings is an easy project that the whole family can do. Buy the seeds of shrubs or perennials to plant something low-maintenance, easy to care for, and that will provide a beautiful spring landscape for years to come.

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Add edging

Adding some edging along your lawn or garden beds is a desirable way to change the look of your yard, as well as to provide a simple means of maintenance to the growing plants within. You can purchase pre-made edging or use some creativity to create your own. Another edging option is to plant some easy to care for plants along the border of your walkway, such as lamb’s ear or lily of the valley.


The Final Word

Spring is the time when the world awakens. Your yard is ready to awaken as well.

Get your outdoor living space ready by choosing a spring landscaping project that meets your needs and helps you create a yard you love.

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