The client wished to complete their initial wishes to their landscape after they had progressed the install of a landscape that wasn’t functional to their expectations. We were called to the house to initially look at doing some basic landscape edging and moving around some landscape materials. After a good thought, we all agreed the best bet was to move forward with a well thought out landscape design.


We created a design for the backyard to encompass removal of the existing pea gravel area, raised beds and some trees. The design was to entail a space in the back yard for the married couple to be able to easily enjoy a simple and low maintenance landscape and relax on their patio. Also in the design, we used cottage stone as a edging for all the flowerbeds in both the front and back yard. The front yard design entailed removing a random island of flower bed in the middle of the yard and installing a well though out bed with step stones from the road access that led to the backyard.


The clients are very happy with the way the project and back patio came out. They are enjoying customizing their new landscape with their lavender plants, hanging baskets, and eventually outdoor lighting.

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