How to Enjoy Outdoor Living During Lockdown

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    The COVID-19 stay-at-home order has disrupted lives across our region and the world, but you can still enjoy family time and outdoor recreation with a well designed and appointed outdoor living space.

    As we head into the warmer months, your yard becomes its own outdoor living area — an extension of your home’s interior that, with intuitive design and comfortable, functional furniture and supplies, is transformed into an oasis that provides you and your family relaxation, recreation, and time with each other.

    Create your outdoor living oasis

    Here are relatively inexpensive ideas to easily upgrade your property from “just a yard” to an outdoor oasis:

    • Late spring cleanup — bringing in a team of professionals to clean up winter debris, trim back foliage, and pressure-wash hardscapes adds instant appeal
    • Lighting — both functional to see your way along paths, and decorative, such as strings of white lights above a patio.
    • Comfortable, weatherproof seating — brings the upholstered comfort of the indoors, outdoors.
    • Outdoor cooking and grilling — allow for culinary masterpieces created during the warmer months, and gets you out of a hot kitchen.
    • Awnings — create a covered space to enjoy during the warmer months when rain might be a factor but the temperature isn’t.
    • Storage and Organization — storing your outdoor living items not only keeps your outdoor living space tidy, but it also protects your items and deters crime.

    ” Nature is a popular interior decorating theme, and the term “bringing the outside in” is often used to describe using natural features like plants and rocks inside—but what about “bringing the inside out”? ”


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    Connect with Nature

    Invite birds (or squirrels, if that’s your thing) with strategically placed and well-stocked feeders. Provide bird baths, which are both functional and decorative. Watching birds and other wildlife is endlessly entertaining, and a fun family pastime.

    Consider adding or installing a water feature, which adds beauty and soothing sound.

    ” For centuries man has been obsessed with birds and flight. These bird-watching activities for kids will help to increase knowledge about birds and their daily activities. And, more importantly, they’re just plain fun to do! ”


    Pacific Northwest Water Features

    Connect with Each Other

    Being at home doesn’t mean being stuck! There are outdoor activities galore that can be enjoyed by the whole family — from barbecuing to playing sports to gathering around a nighttime fire (check the burn bans in your area).

    Just like your main housing structure, your outdoor property is an investment, and, depending on lot size, increases your outdoor living space exponentially. Make the most of that investment with a few simple steps, upgrades, and additions that will create a warm and welcoming retreat with endless potential.

    ” Exterior upgrades enhance the look of your property and can offer recreational benefits. Not every renovation, however, produces a return on investment, and some upgrades (like swimming pools) make your home less attractive to potential buyers. ”


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