I first met Jonah from Lawnz Enforcement a few weeks ago when I was gathering estimates for a complete landscaping project (lawn, beds, plants, bark, etc.). I was happy with Jonah's price, and I particularly liked the overall design he proposed. While the other estimators all suggested similar, fairly generic layouts, Jonah produced a thoughtful design that included elements I hadn't considered (and apparently no one else had either). Then he worked with me to refine the design until we had something that exceeded my initial expectations, was perfect for the property, and was well within my budget.

Design and price would have been enough for me to have chosen Lawnz Enforcement, but what impressed me even more was Jonah's excitement for my project. He was passionate about producing a finished product he could be proud of, and he was equally committed to making sure that I was pleased with the end result. This was evident while he was bidding the job, and it continued throughout the entire project.

Lawnz Enforcement offered the best value, the best design, and the best customer service. I really couldn't be happier.

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