Retaining Wall Project in Ferndale,WA

Project Review


Our client wanted to increase the square footage of his yard and make it more level and attractive. Uneven terrain and improper drainage made the lawn difficult to mow and maintain. The client was frustrated that he had to spend so much time maintaining the lawn. Also, the poor drainage caused dangerous slippage and unsightly imperfections in the lawn. Puget Construction and Landscape was tasked with improving the lawn and making it easier to manage.


Puget Construction and Landscape solved the uneven terrain by installing gray cornerstone retaining wall blocks to improve renting. Then, we backfilled the yard to the top of the stones with 4-way soil. This provided stability while improving drainage, allowing for a more level lawn. We also installed a 20-inch multicolored cobblestone bed in front of the wall to improve drainage and provide a nice aesthetic to the yard. Finally, we increased the parking space alongside the driveway and road.


The client was thrilled to have a lawn that would be easier to maintain. Level terrain and proper drainage mean easier mowing and fewer weeds. The wall and cobblestone bed provide structure and support to the yard, as well as a pleasing aesthetic touch. In addition, the new parking space would prevent people from parking on the lawn and damaging it. Puget Construction and Landscape is proud to offer full-service landscaping services to ensure that our clients’ lawns can be points of pride rather than sources of headaches.

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