Project Review


The client had just moved from Texas to Ferndale and the back landscape was pretty bare and overgrown. A lot of the plants were misplaced and growing into each other. Being from Texas the client has no idea what they wanted in their yard, but they knew it was under kept and ugly. They wished to spend time in the back yard having fun and entertaining friends.


PCL created a custom design specified off of the clients general ideas of how they would wish to spend their time at their new home. We incorporated a concrete walkway down the side of the house leading to the backyard. We changed the theme of the home from overgrown plants with weeds and bark, to beautifully placed plants mixed with rocks, cobblestone, gravel, an oval patio for a fireplace, a 3 tier basalt column water feature, and low maintenance landscape edging. PCL came up with the idea of blocking out the unwanted noises of neighbors and roads with a water feature that drizzles slowly, and to top it off the water feature is surrounded with lavenders and lemon balms for a calming scent.

After finishing the installation of the landscape the clients wished to have new railing on their deck that overlooks their fence leading to Mt Baker. The clients than wanted to add custom raised beds alongside the deck for vegetable growth.


The clients were in heaven as we sculpted their ideas using professional methods into their landscape. At the end of all the busy projects, the clients told the team that they are extremely happy with the good design, and overall meaning of the landscape they have. They couldn’t be happier.

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