Ferndale Cedar Horizontal Fencing Project

Project Review


A Ferndale family had an existing fence that they wanted to remove. In its place, they wished to have a beautiful new horizontal-style cedar fence installed. Realizing that a new fence might impact the aesthetics or even the values of their neighbors’ homes, they wanted to do the right thing and make sure the new fence would be a neighbor-friendly one.


The family entrusted Puget Construction & Landscape (PCL) with installing a new cedar fence for their Ferndale home. After meeting with the clients and listening to their needs and to their considerations for their neighbors, we developed a plan to meet all the objectives. Using 4x6x10 pressure-treated cedar posts, we concreted the posts 2’ into the ground with the centers 6’ apart. Then we finished the fence with a horizontal, neighbor-friendly style for the planks and spaced them according to the family’s wants for a balance between openness and privacy.


This project was a win for everyone in this Ferndale community. The family now has a beautiful new horizontal cedar fence accenting their yard, and it looks great from all angles and has the durability that will last for years. Due to PCL’s meticulous design and care, no neighbors are stuck with a view of the “ugly” side of the fence. And PCL has again proven to clients and their neighbors how we beautify and protect homes and properties. Good fences make good neighbors!

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