Experience the perfect balance of functionality and relaxation as you settle into your forever home in Everson, Washington. At PCL, we were contacted by a client who wanted to enhance the usability of their backyard and create a space where they could produce their own food and unwind after a long day.

Working alongside the client, we designed a backyard that guarantees low maintenance, high productivity, and maximum function ability. A significant highlight of this project was the introduction of pathways that highlight lush gardens, including edible raised veggie beds, fruit trees, berries, and Zen-inspired spaces for entertainment and relaxation. At PCL, we took things up by handcrafting stunning and durable cedar square beds, importing top-notch pavers, and installing custom-built Smart irrigation systems that blend with native and modern plantings.

While working on the backyard oasis, the client also requested the removal and new installation of their front driveway, a task that our top-notch concrete crew handled competently. At the end of the project, we added an excellent addition to the back patio using pavers, making it the ideal spot for BBQs.

If you're searching for a picturesque backyard design that combines functionality and relaxation in the heart of Everson, Washington, PCL has you covered.

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