Our client needed to clean and repaint his house in order to sell it for the best possible price. Puget Construction and Landscape were given the task to improve the house’s appearance by pressure washing the outside of the home, cleaning all of the walls, and repairing them.


Puget Construction and Landscape solved the problem of a dull and dirty exterior of the house by pressure washing the outside of the home and thoroughly cleaning and repainting the inside of the house. The new coat of paint was able to go on evenly and beautifully because the surface of the home was extra clean from being pressure washed. The new color was vibrant and gave the home a fresh look, making it ready to hit the real estate market with a splash.


The client was ecstatic to see the new look of their home. They exclaimed that the home looked like a brand new property. The home now has added curb appeal and a modern and trendy color scheme. Plus all crevices and cracks have been thoroughly cleaned so the new owners do not have to worry about wood rotting, critters, or cobwebs and leaves getting stuck. This level of pressure washing will alleviate the current homeowner from costly repairs once the house is inspected and appraised and will make the house move-in ready, making the selling process a lot easier on both the client and the new owner. Puget Construction and Landscape is proud to offer full-service landscaping, construction and painting, and pressure washing services.

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