A Ferndale, WA homeowner needed maintenance-free landscaping with better accessibility. Specifically, the client desired level, easily accessible walkways, stairs, and lawn areas. Lawn features would have to “take care of themselves” as much as they could in order to relieve the client of that task to the greatest extent possible.


While no landscaping can ever be totally maintenance-free, Puget Construction & Landscaping (PCL) knew how to create a design requiring as little maintenance as possible to meet this particular client’s needs. To make all sections of the lawn safely and easily accessible, we made certain that the walkways, stairs, and the lawn itself were free of potholes, uneven footing, and other objective hazards.

We also designed a lawn that was both easy to water and required less watering than the average one. In addition, the lawn was resistant to weeds and used plants that would be easy to maintain. For aesthetic benefits, we removed soil and mulch from the base of the house so that there would be a clearance of 4-6 inches between the bottom of the house and all stonework.


The client was happy to have low-maintenance, easily watered, and safely accessible landscaping that will stay that way for years to come. But that wasn’t all. In addition to meeting the customer’s requirements, the work PCL performed boosted the home’s curb appeal, which will improve its resale value when that time comes. Yet again, PCL has delivered a top-notch project exactly tailored to its Ferndale clients’ needs!

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